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Johnstown Pointe’s December Employee of the Month

December 13th, 2023
This month we celebrate Briahna Ash, LPN! Briahna started her career as an STNA. Briahna says she chose to work in our industry, because in 3rd grade her Mom was diagnosed with epilepsy, and at 8 years old she “saved her life” by dialing 911, and after that healthcare was her lean to for a career path.

Briahana says her first job was delivering newspapers and then she worked in the fast food industry. With her job in healthcare she knows she is making a difference, and she wants to make sure people know that they matter. She was asked to name a favorite memory and she said; it is hard, after 15 years in healthcare to choose just one, but when a family and EMT’s thank you for 15 minutes of chest compressions that saved a patient’s life, it is all worth it!

Briahna likes to sit and read a good book. She likes to travel anywhere on the Gulf Coast. She likes to watch sports, and always cheers for whomever is winning. She is passionate about being a Mom. She has a partner for over 10 years and together they have 2 children, Kenny who is 8 and Remi is 6. They also have 4 pets; 2 calico cats, Lady May and Lou-Lou, 1 wolf dog named Kimber and 1 Golden Retriever named Wallen, (Like Morgan Wallen!)

Please congratulate Briahna for being Johnstown Pointe’s December employee of the Month!

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