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Meet Amy Anderson!

December 14th, 2023
We are so excited to be hosting our STNA classes here at Johnstown Pointe! One of the perks of hosting is that we get to spend time with Amy Anderson. Amy travels through the Columbus area to our Foundation Health buildings and she teaches Nursing Assistant Training Classes.

In 1991-ish Amy was an STNA while she was in nursing school, but she has been in long-term care since she graduated with her RN in 1994. She has done all kinds of things over the years in long-term care, including floor nurse, ADON, DON, supervisor, MDS, and now an instructor.

Amy says she could describe her career in 3 words – Always something interesting! Her favorite thing about her career is getting to know residents and learning about their lives.

Amy’s goal is to make sure that our residents have well-qualified caregivers who understand and respect our residents as valued people. She says she has many favorite memories, like times when you really connect with residents and families and can go home at the end of the day knowing that you made a difference. She also loves mentoring young nurses and helping them put their skills in action.

She has been married to Eric for 26 years. He was a nursing assistant when they met! He now works as a UPS driver. She and Eric have 3 children Mitchell 25, Hope 22 and Elijah 18. They have a black cat named Clawdia.

In November Amy went on a medical missions trip to Mindanao in the Philippines. She went with a medical team and they provided basic medical care for an underserved community. She helped to check in/screen patients. She said they saw over 1,500 people over a 4-day trip. Some so many people walked 5 hours one way for the chance to be seen by a doctor. She says it was a life-changing experience and made her grateful for the medical care we have here in America.

Thank you, Amy, for all you do, we are so lucky to have you at Foundations Health!

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